Anti-leeching Information [READ!]

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Anti-leeching Information [READ!] Empty Anti-leeching Information [READ!]

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:32 am

It has come to my attention that people are releasing things with anti-leech "feature". I do not support this because TitanMS is released for open-source. Open source means developing and helping each other. Ignore the leechers. They can't get far in their servers, so why does it matter?

So, now on. All threads containing the anti-leech feature will be removed IN THIS SECTION.

I don't care if you stop releasing things here and anti-leech is just simply childish. Go to other forums if you want someone else will eventually release the same thing you just released on other forums here without the "anti-leech" thing.

You are free to post releases with 'anti-leech' features in Development section. But, you may not release things in that section if you have released one in Releases section and if the release you are releasing contains similar material to already posted releases.


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