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[Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9) Empty [Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9)

Post by koolk on Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:39 pm

TitanMS - Open Source MapleStory Private Server Project Very Happy

TitanMS 0.2.0 is coming soon, and it is going to fully support 0.57
Don't ask about the release data, It may take some weeks.

This thread is for reporting bugs, feedback, and development of TitanMS! - Nuklear

Version: 0.0.9b (for V.54)

simple program to create drops:


-Fixed some problems with the new packets.
-Fixed some bugs(some crashes hopefully, selling bug)
-This project is now under the GNU General Public License.
-Updated to version 0.54
This release is only for updating for 0.54. I couldn't work on the project, so there isn't anything new. The channels are almost ready and included, but it is still buggy, so ignore it.
(but if you still want to try it you need separate exe for every channel and only one masterserver)
-Fixed the selling bug.
-Fixed a crash.
(changed files: Mobs.cpp and Inventory.cpp)
-Fixed some bugs.
-Added a anti-cheating system. (only block looting and vaccing, still need a work)
-Added summoning bags, scrolls and returning scrolls.
-All 1st and 2nd job skills should work now.
-Improved and fixed the skills system.
-Added many drops, credit to Lukiess!
-Added many shops, credit to toxicwind!
-Added /find.
-Fixed the dc bug when summonning mobs.
-Fixed the bug with cash items and with stars, credit to coNsept!
-Fixed the problem with timers.
-Fixed some minor bugs and block some PE hacks.
And a big credit to GMZorita for helping me a lot!
Changed files: Characters.cpp, Drops.cpp, Drops.h, DropsPacket.cpp, DropsPacket.h, Initializing.cpp, Inventory.cpp, Inventory.h, InventoryPacket.cpp, InventoryPacket.h, Levels.cpp, Login.cpp, LoginPacket.cpp, MapPacket.cpp, Maps.cpp, Mobs.cpp, Mobs.h, MobsPacket.cpp, MySQLM.cpp, MySQLM.h, NPCsScripts.h, Player.cpp, Player.h, PlayerInventory.h, PlayerLogin.h, PlayerPacket.cpp, Players.cpp, Players.h, PlayersPacket.cpp, PlayersPacket.h, Quests.cpp, Server.cpp, Server.h, Skills.cpp, Skills.h, SkillsPacket.cpp, SkillsPacket.h, Worlds.cpp and XML files in Drops/, Shops/, Skills/ and Items/
-Fixed the encryption bug.(you won't dc if you have many items)
-Drops are removed now after 60 seconds.
-Fixed some mob spawn problems.
-Fixed selling to shop bug.
-Fixed the EXP saving bug.
-Fixed the notice
-Added new GM command: header
-All the XML files are now updated to 0.53.
-Fixed the dc problem if there is someone in your map.
-Fixed death bug.
-Fixed keymap saving.
-Fixed some more minor bugs.
-Added some gm commands(thank for Angel-SL for the basic and)
-Only GMs can use GM commands now.(Add the new table).
-You can now see other players info by clicking him.
-Fixed the dc bug from mobs(finally)
-Fixed some attacks.(long range and some skills)
-Fixed some dc bugs.
-Fixed some minor bugs.
-Updated the xmls files to 0.53(expect maps)
-Works now with ver 0.53.
-Skills are saved now.
-Hopefully fixed dieing on potting bug.
-And fixed some more bugs.
-You won't freeze from using items and skills.
-Fixed crash for some maps. (thank to symbol)
-Added mysql header files.
-And fixed some minor bugs.
Changed files: Player.h, Skills.cpp, Maps.cpp, Players.cpp, Player.cpp, Inventory.cpp.
-Added saving for player information when leaving the server.

GM Commands:
!map [mapid]
!summon [mobid] ([amount])
!notice [text]
!item [itemid] ([amount])
!job [jobid]
!level [level]
!sp [amount]
!ap [amount]

Drops and shops:
Just edit the xmls file in Shops and Drops.

Scripting NPCs:
Look at the example in the codes.

The database:

create table users(ID int auto_increment primary key, username varchar(20), password varchar(20), pin int default 0, gender int default 0, gm int default 0); create table characters(ID int auto_increment primary key, name varchar(12), userid int, level tinyint unsigned default 1, job smallint default 0, str smallint, dex smallint, intt smallint, luk smallint, chp smallint default 50, mhp smallint default 50, cmp smallint default 50, mmp smallint default 50, ap smallint default 0, sp smallint default 0, exp int default 0, fame smallint default 0, map int default 0, pos smallint default 0, gender tinyint, skin tinyint, eyes int, hair int, mesos int default 0); create table equip(equipid int, type tinyint, charid int, pos smallint default 0, slots tinyint default 7, scrolls smallint default 0, istr smallint default 0, idex smallint default 0, iint smallint default 0, iluk smallint default 0, ihp smallint default 0, imp smallint default 0, iwatk smallint default 0, imatk smallint default 0, iwdef smallint default 0, imdef smallint default 0, iacc smallint default 0, iavo smallint default 0, ihand smallint default 0, ispeed smallint default 0, ijump smallint default 0); create table items(itemid int, charid int, inv tinyint, pos smallint, amount smallint); create table keymap(charid int, pos0 int default 0, pos1 int default 0, pos2 int default 2564, pos3 int default 3076, pos4 int default 3332, pos5 int default 4612, pos6 int default 5380, pos7 int default 0, pos8 int default 0, pos9 int default 0, pos10 int default 0, pos11 int default 0, pos12 int default 0, pos13 int default 0, pos14 int default 0, pos15 int default 0, pos16 int default 2052, pos17 int default 1284, pos18 int default 4, pos19 int default 1028, pos20 int default 0, pos21 int default 0, pos22 int default 0, pos23 int default 260, pos24 int default 0, pos25 int default 4868, pos26 int default 3588, pos27 int default 3844, pos28 int default 0, pos29 int default 13317, pos30 int default 0, pos31 int default 516, pos32 int default 0, pos33 int default 0, pos34 int default 3456, pos35 int default 2820, pos36 int default 0, pos37 int default 772, pos38 int default 0, pos39 int default 5124, pos40 int default 4100, pos41 int default 0, pos42 int default 0, pos43 int default 2308, pos44 int default 12805, pos45 int default 13061, pos46 int default 1540, pos47 int default 0, pos48 int default 0, pos49 int default 0, pos50 int default 1796, pos51 int default 0, pos52 int default 0, pos53 int default 0, pos54 int default 0, pos55 int default 0, pos56 int default 13573, pos57 int default 0, pos58 int default 0, pos59 int default 25606, pos60 int default 25862, pos61 int default 26118, pos62 int default 26374, pos63 int default 26630, pos64 int default 26886, pos65 int default 27142, pos66 int default 0, pos67 int default 0, pos68 int default 0, pos69 int default 0, pos70 int default 0, pos71 int default 0, pos72 int default 0, pos73 int default 0, pos74 int default 0, pos75 int default 0, pos76 int default 0, pos77 int default 0, pos78 int default 0, pos79 int default 0, pos80 int default 0, pos81 int default 0, pos82 int default 0, pos83 int default 0, pos84 int default 0, pos85 int default 0, pos86 int default 0, pos87 int default 0, pos88 int default 0, pos89 int default 0); create table skills(charid int, skillid int, points int);

Q: Why does the server crash when I choose a character?
A: Just delete the old tables and create them again, or you have too many equips, read the TODO list.

Q: Why does I dc in a map with mobs?
A: Just don't use the compiled exe.

Feel free to do add anything to the server.
If you want send me the code or post it here and I will update this thread

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[Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9) Empty Re: [Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9)

Post by Alfons on Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:49 pm

Nice Realease Koolk Very Happy


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[Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9) Empty Re: [Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9)

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:28 am

Good Job koolk Thx For Joining Us ^^


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[Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9) Empty Re: [Release]TitanMS Releases (ver. 0.0.9)

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