[Released]KaKaCMS v.3.5.5 TRIAL Frantier's Rolled ON

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[Released]KaKaCMS v.3.5.5 TRIAL Frantier's Rolled ON Empty [Released]KaKaCMS v.3.5.5 TRIAL Frantier's Rolled ON

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:17 am

Note:Please note that this v3.5.5 is only a trial to test the image verification before v4. You may fix the bugs and post it here if you found any bugs cos I know that image verification will cause alot of bugs.
Update for v4:

-Registration with Image Verification (Hopefully I can fix this bug.)
-Rebirth Ranking (Editing Maxxy's .php script for some reasons)
-Introduce Blue Layouts (Tested and working~)
-GM Apply using Vino144's.
-Character Name Changing (Hopefully, I willl try to fix the bug~)

Update log: v3.5.5 TRIAL

-Trial for Image Verification.

Update log v3.5:

-GM Apply
-FoJ Ranking

Download Link v3.5.5 TRIAL

DOwnload Link v3.5:

Everyone who make the script I used =P


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